Big Island Candies Corn Chip Crunch Bar

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Big-Island-Candies-Chocolate-Covered-Bars-Corn-Chip-Crunch01Even though Hawaii is the 13th best travel destination in the world according to “” (which apparently has such an eye for travel that they ranked Orlando, Florida number on the list), I’ve never been there, partly due to the fact that I am a shut-in whose alabaster skin crisps like bacon at even the faintest hint of sunlight. Nevertheless, as a food adventurer, I’m always looking to broaden my culinary horizons and venture across the Pacific to my neighbors in the west.

I started where any typical American tourist would go: The FAQ page of the Hawaii Tourism Authority website.

Who knew that I don’t even need a passport to visit this tropical paradise because it’s a part of the United States? And they accept US Dollars?! Hot damn! And did you know that anytime of year is a good time to visit Hawaii? That’s unlike the Pacific Northwest where the answer usually is “sometime in June” or frankly “never”.

If you’re sick of co-workers bringing back Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamias or repulsed that they brought you Spam flavored nuts, but you’re still looking for a sweet AND salty fix, Big Island Candies Corn Chip Crunch Bar might just be the treat for you.

The Corn Chip Crunch Bar is described by Big Island Candies (or for my sake, BIC) as a “crunchy, sweet and salty delight. With a peanut center filled with corn chips and covered in milk chocolate, you will definitely enjoy this new confection.” I’ve pretty much resigned to calling it “Fritos ‘n’ Chocolate.”

The crunchy, creamy, sweet and salty combo is a pleasant surprise. While I would never think about putting chips in a chocolate bar (Doritos, you’re next) BIC has pulled off a successful junk food fusion that will probably contribute to my beginning stages of heart disease.

Speaking of corn snacks – if you’re ever feeling adventurous and want to blend some more random foods with your favorite corn chips, check out the Fritos brand recipe page. You can create culinary delights such as: FRITOS® Ranch Chicken Delight, Apple Hash and Pumpkin Gravy FRITOS® Pie or Hawaii-inspired Hawaiian Pineapple Ham FRITOS® Pie. If you don’t like it, maybe the kiddos will or your dog. Also, dear Fritos: the chips don’t count as part of the recipe if you’re serving them on the side.


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