Eggo Real Fruit Pizza Mixed Berry Granola

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I feel like the word “pizza” has become so distorted, it now pretty much means anything slightly resembling the actual thing (kind of like the word “celebrity”). Even more, Kellogg’s has to note that this is real fruit pizza, because just the word “fruit” cannot guarantee actual fruit. For example, Strawberry Fruit Roll-ups contain the word “fruit” and have pictures of strawberries on the packaging, but actually just contain pear concentrate with corn syrup and colors (it’s hard to have flavors like “Tropical Tie-Dye” and “Screamin’ Green” without adding some food dye). But I digress.

There were two flavors to choose from – strawberry and mixed berry. Since I’m quite the health nut, I went with the mixed berry since it was 10 calories less than the strawberry flavor. The entire pizza still has 390 calories.

After reading several reviews that complained that the product was quite soggy after microwaving it, I opted to use the oven method to ensure a crisp Eggo crust. Also, many reviews mentioned that one minute of microwave cooking time left most of the pizza still frozen.

The resulting product was indeed crisp (if not a little too brown around the edges), but just a little too dessert-like for me. I only took a bite or two, but the breakfast pizza was less like a pizza and more like an Eggo-like crust, berry flavored cream cheese (or “yogurt”) with a pulverized fruit granola bar on top.

I have a difficult time deciding if this product is meant for children or adults. I would possibly chastise a parent for feeling this sort of food regularly to their child for breakfast, but I might mock a grown-up for eating something as ridiculous as a fruit and oat breakfast pizza. I love this comment from the review posted on from user “mouthy”:

“I just realized that they don’t make breakfast products for kids anymore. It’s all stoner food, man. I’m going to say it’s terrific and even go so far as to write a letter to the marketing team that made this and dare them to make an even crazier Eggo product. They have six months.”

If anything, you could technically enjoy breakfast with an Eggo Real Fruit Pizza (taco-style) in one hand, a Griddle Stick in the other, stick your cell phone bluetooth in your ear, a Starbucks latte in your car’s cup holder and possibly drive at the same time. A true breakfast of champions.

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