Cheesy Crunchy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos

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One of America’s cultural icons seems to be going to be going through a mid-life crisis. Rising to fame in the mid-80s, they’ve gone through several transformations that have shocked the public. In more recent years, they’ve been trying to spice things up and have been recently spotted using a fake British accent. No, I’m not talking about the Material Girl, it’s your good ol’ friend Chester Cheetah. The skinny mischievous cartoon character of your childhood has now been re-imagined as a suave, CGI cat not just pushing Cheetos, but prompting an “Orange Revolution”, coaxing Cheeto consumers everywhere to ruin clothing with their fluorescent orange cheese dusted fingers.

Through all of his incarnations, his acclaimed product has also transformed a bit as well. Cheetos seem to have been every shape and texture under the sun from crunchy, puffy, swirly, waffle-shaped, spicy and even color-changing. In this most likely discontinued/phased out incarnation of the product, Cheetos kicks it up a notch and combines the sweet tangy flavor of BBQ with the classic cheezy crunch. Personally, my favorite BBQ snack are Fritos Flavor Twists in Honey BBQ (the twist makes the difference), but these aren’t too bad. I think they could use a little more BBQ flavor to create the tangy yin to the cheezy yang, but they’re a decent choice considering I picked them up for a cool 25 cents.

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3 comments “Cheesy Crunchy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos”

I would like to know if we could get bbq cheddar cheetos anywhere around slippery rock pa. There is no place within 50 mi.of slippery rock where you can purchase the snacks.Was just wandering if you could help.Our zipcode is 16057

Unfortunately, I do not know where you’d be able to find them nowadays. Looks like they were a limited-run variety, even we can’t find them anymore :(

I have some :)

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