Oscar Mayer Snack Combos

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Now, I don’t know if someone else has done a combination pack of Ritz Bitz cracker sandwiches and mediocre meat, but I can tell you that it’s not special. At all. I mean they’re both two fairly unremarkable products. Buttery crackers with shelf-stable cheese and oily shelf-stable meat. Nothing special there. There’s also nothing particularly special about pairing meat with crackers with cheese. Heck, throw in a little juice box of boxed wine, and you’d have an all-American take on a French classic.

Oscar Mayer’s Snack Combos (not to be confused with Combos Snacks, a snack which everyone seems to love to hate) are one of the newest additions to the processed meat producer’s line-up. Along with its other preserved Oscar Mayer patrons  like shelf-stable Fully Cooked Ready-to-Serve Bacon and infamous “instant children’s meals” Lunchables, this is a product that you can ensure will stay unspoiled indefinitely. (Note: I bought and consumed this product several weeks ago, so please disregard the “Use By” date. I usually disregard them anyway.)

As I do for most of our other products, I try to research each product a bit before I write (college memories come flooding back). I shot an e-mail to Kraft, Oscar Mayer’s parent company about locating a specific product page for their Snack Combos. A charming rep by the name of “Maximillian Popielarski” let me know that unfortunately there was not one at this time, but that I should add their site to my favorites and keep checking back for future updates. I know I’ve reached the low point of my life when I’ve bookmarked Oscar Mayer’s website and fervently monitoring it for new additions. Currently, it seems the only place I can find any info are scores of coupon/mommy blogs advertising a $1/2 coupon for these, so I’m gonna put the MSRP at around 75 cents – $1.00. For the record, I paid 33 cents.

This product is really nothing new. It’s just a repackaging for convenience (plus it’s bothering me that the labels on the front aren’t corresponding to the correct compartments). Thankfully, if it’s too difficult for you to buy a box of
Cheese Ritz Bits
and some low quality sausage bites, Oscar Mayer combines a small amount of each into the perfect snack. It’s 390 calories – sadly, less than a Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables (meant for children). When you think about it, this product is a sad, unhealthier adult equivalent of Oscar Mayer’s Lunchables. If your diet already consists of salty, processed, non-refrigerated food products, then by all means, go nuts. Or should I say crackers?

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