Bake With Me! (Sorry, Not the Latest Stoner Comedy)

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There’s no better way to kill time relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon than baking your own sugar cookies. What’s even better is when the mix is all made up for you and you only have to add an egg (or if you prefer, an egg substitute) and some butter. While I’ve glanced over many boxed sugar cookies mixes in the past, this one caught my eye because it includes a cookie cutter. And not just any cookie cutter. It’s a duck.

Oh, plus the mix is organic and has whole wheat and stuff so you won’t feel as guilty as you bite the heads off your newly baked duck cookies. Continue Reading »

Jelly Belly Watermelon Pudding Snacks

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I would wager to guess that if you took an informal poll about universally disliked flavors, watermelon would rank quite high (but most likely preceded by that banana Runts flavor everyone loves to hate). If you didn’t have your fake watermelon fix with regular old Jelly Bellies, you’re in luck my friend. Say hello to Jelly Belly Watermelon Pudding Snacks. Apparently Jelly Belly has been creating all sorts of spin-offs from flavors from candles (yes, that’s candles, not candies) to soda. Ronald Reagan would be proud.

Speaking of Ronald Reagan, if you’ve never been to the official Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA I would highly recommend it. Though I didn’t get to go on the tour because the place was closing for the day, I got to take a look around and spend frivolously on all the jelly beans I wanted to buy (plus they give free samples). Continue Reading »

Mallow Pizza & Hamburger & French Fries

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Every so often a product comes along that I know that I will hate, though I still have to take a bite of the thing, spit it out and wax eloquently about my thoughts and feelings regarding what I just experienced.

This is one of those times.

First of all, I honestly really don’t know why a product like this exists. Did some individual say, “Hey, I want to enjoy the convenience of fast food with none of the actual original flavor but instead a mass of sugary, fruity gelatinous marshmallow?” because that’s the only reason I could legitimately see. Nope, it looks like this it just one of the candies that exists solely as a quirky novelty. Continue Reading »

IZZE Sparkling Birch Beverage

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Son of a birch.

Sometimes you need a change from the soda classics like cola, lemon-lime and orange. Even former standbys like root beer and ginger ale seem to have gone mainstream. Companies now are even using alternative flavors like lavender, cucumber, rhubarb, lemongrass, etc. (I’m sad I didn’t visit Dry Soda’s tasting room when I worked in Seattle). And of course we all know Jones Soda Co. with their classic holiday flavors (there’s actually a bottle of “Tofurky and Gravy” on eBay at this moment).

My curiously was piqued when I saw this bottle of IZZE’s Sparkling Birch flavored beverage. Up until now I was frankly unaware that the oil extracted from the sap of the good old Betula lenta could be used for drinks, food, gum, syrup and more.

If you’re anywhere skeptical about drinking something flavored with birch, keep in mind we’ve been using roots, bark, leaves for ages to make medicine and drinks (root beer, ginger ale). IZZE’s website also mentions, “Once worshiped as a Goddess in Russia, the birch tree offers a rare extract that gives you the divine taste of IZZE sparkling Birch.” I was hesitant that I’d have an epiphany while drinking the stuff but I gave it a go. Continue Reading »

Yogi Chips (Transcendental Meditation Not Included)

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I’m sure you vaguely remember your mid-life Eastern Mysticism phase – escaping away to India, searching for the meaning of life, plucking away at a sitar, hanging out with your band mates – good times. Unfortunately, gone are the days of gurus and ashrams, and we’re now stuck with Google and Apple, but you still need a snack that will help you find the inner light.

But I digress – I’m playing one trick pony with the name “yogi” when in fact, these chips are made by a brand called Wai Lana and feature a picture of a Hawaii yoga conglomerate of the same name. While her retail/personal website is quite humble (“Wai Lana is not only a beautiful and charming modern-day yoga advocate but also a highly energetic and prolific artist.”), she not only sells Yoga DVDs and Yogi Chips, but Yogi Fruit Bars and even Yogi Kids Snacks for your budding Bodhisattva.

The Yogi Chips come in several different varieties (including Barbeque, Pizza and Swiss Cheese) but we found a huge box at Grocery Outlet selling the Sour Cream & Chives variety for 3/$1. And what a deal! Continue Reading »