Chorizo Chipotle Corn Nuts

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The latter half of this decade seems to be the era of the Chipotle (I wish I was born in the year of the chipotle, I got stuck with a dragon). Chipotle burger, chipotle potato chips, chipotle snack wraps, the list goes on. I bet the average person wouldn’t even know that a “chipotle” is not a distinct variety of pepper, it is simply a smoked jalapeño.

A quick trip to the Corn Nuts official website confirmed that the Chorizo Chipotle flavor is no longer listed, but currently there’s other South of the Border-style flavors “Caliente” and “Chili Picante” (aren’t those kind of the same thing?)

I vividly remember frequently buying 1.7 oz bags (75 cents each!) of Corn Nuts in middle school and eating them right before class started. Unfortunately, I leaned toward the most aromatic flavor, BBQ. I recall one of my classmates looking around and exclaiming, “Ugh, what smells like BARBEQUE?” and then awkwardly trying to hide the bag under my desk.

Overall, this variety has a good flavor, satisfies that need for a crunchy, salty snack. I couldn’t taste any “chorizo” flavor for the life of me though. Looking at the ingredient list, I’m guess it’s the “natural flavor” listed last. However, this product could easily be re-labeled as “Tex-Mex” or “Taco” flavor and no one would be any the wiser. I personally didn’t think they were that spicy.

Fun fact: If you remember the fantastic decade known as the 1990s, Corn Nuts had a delightfully little radio ditty that irked some folks. It’s actually quite catchy. Just don’t go singing it in polite company.

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The Budweiser Clydesdale’s off-season job.

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