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I don’t mean to brag, but I feel like I was blessed with pretty good skin (that is, depending on your definition of good skin). I’m quite pale but I’ll blame that on our Washington state weather. I can get away with washing my face with soap, but it dries my skin something fierce. So when a product like Go Girl GLO Energy Drink comes along, promising not only energy, better skin AND a suppressed appetite, how could I lose?

I’m always wary (but not as skeptical as my crazy co-writer, as you’ll see in a bit) about products with added nutrients and supplements that claim to have health benefits. Personally, I’ll just take something that tastes good and if it’s good for me as well, win-win.

The can mentioned the drink is flavored with pomegranate and starfruit. I have never eaten a starfruit, so I cannot attest that the drink accurately represents that flavor and pomegranates are a pain in the ass to remove all the little succulent seeds, so I appreciate this drink capturing that flavor for me.

At this price, I don’t see why you wouldn’t pick up some Go Girl GLO energy drink, be you male or female. It’s 35 calories a can and claims to also curb your appetite (I’ve somehow put on the Freshman 15 almost a year after graduating college, this website may be partly to blame for that), if you’re worried about that some of thing too. I’m not going to get into rant like my co-writer below concerning the nutritional or health benefits of the product, but I definitely think it tastes much better than a lot of the energy drinks that are currently on the market.


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