Organic Nutritional Mommy Bar

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“Dear natural food-eating, yoga-posing, moms/moms-to-be of America, if you didn’t notice that we’re called “Mommy Bars”, hopefully the words”organic” and “nutritional” will catch your eye.” Since when did a food have to be labeled as nutritional? Isn’t that kind of a given? (no offense to any moms that do yoga). Also this product is made by a company named “Earth’s Best” and it doesn’t get any better than that so it better be good.

It does feel kind of awkward eating this product since am I not an actual mommy and do not intend to become one any time soon. When I tasted this bar, I noted how sweet his bar didn’t taste, compared to all the other granola/health bars out there. Ironically, the first ingredient is organic brown rice syrup, followed by organic oils, organic sugar syrups and henceforth.

I noted while tasting the product that the chocolate undercoating didn’t real taste like real chocolate and sure enough the ingredient list say “organic chocolate flavored coating”. I feel like an imitation flavoring sort of defies the “organic” definition. The wrapper also proclaims “50mg of DHA per serving!” (omega-3 fatty acids, by the way). I think someday I’ll market a new food product with “200% more BHT than broccoli!” or “Approved by the AFE!”

*Association of Food Eaters, my new organization. Would you like to join? Everyone is invited.

All in all, it wasn’t a terrible granola bar (plus it was 35 cents), but definitely more crumbly and mealy than the other sweeter, chewier granola bars on the market.

Fun fact: According to Urban Dictionary (the most reliable source for word definitions), a mommy bar is “that Infuriating handle above the door that is widely believed to provide stability and security in a moving vehicle.”


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