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Sea20 Energy Drink

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Truth be told, writing reviews for beverages is always a challenge for me. Beverages can be easily divided into broad categories: alcoholic/non-alcoholic, fizzy/flat, sweet/neutral and of course, delicious/disgusting – which in turn provides little challenge for a review. At any given time, I generally have a collection of cans and bottles gathering dust on our shelves because they have nothing noticeable or extraordinary about them (I’ve since curbed my “buying-drinks-specifically-for-Clearance-Cuisine” habit). In fact, today’s product was purchased at least six months ago, but it’s still good. Still good.

When I buy a product for the site, I always try to pick things that err on the side of ridiculous, whether it’s a quirky ingredient, stupid slogan and/or mascot or a terrible Flash-based website that’s straight from the 90s. In this case, today’s feature drew me in because: the word “SEA” in the name (the sea is delicious, no?) and the concept of a non-caffeine based energy drink. After flipping the can around, I learned it also has ~organic seaweed extract~ which sealed the deal for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Energy Dots

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There are numerous infamous examples of foods and drinks that just didn’t seem to make it: New Coke, Crystal Pepsi, Arch Deluxe to name a few. Sometimes it’s a mystery why products don’t hit it off. Unfortunately, I feel this product has several obvious reasons.

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I picked up the box. Normally, I wouldn’t pay this much for a product to review, especially a product of which I was hesitant about the claims. When I first opened the box to photograph and eat the dots, I was greeted with strips of perforated foil and plastic pouches, each containing three dots (appearing more like pills now though). Now, I don’t want to make any judgments, but I probably would be pretty iffy about carrying around pouches of little pink tabs with just “e” printed on the outside. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Read the rest of this entry »

Peeps Marshmallow Trees

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You can’t see the forest for the Peeps.

You know in romantic comedies when the leading man focuses in on the dream girl, time slows down and you know that’s the girl he’s going marry? That was me with Peeps (sadly, I cannot marry a Peep). I knew I would review them sometime within the life of this blog, but just didn’t know when. I feel they’re they’re a perfect candidate for Clearance Cuisine – holidays come and go, but hundreds of Peeps remain on stores shelves, waiting to be eaten.

Now, I’ve eaten lots of Peeps in my life. I know what they taste like. But they’re just something like a marshmallow coated in colored, granulated sugar and manufactured into a different shape for every major holiday that’s just downright endearing.

I wasn’t planning on buying any in the near future until the “90% OFF ALL HOLIDAY MERCHANDISE” sign caught my eye at Big Lots. Coupled with my 20% off coupon, this brought each box to 8 cents a piece. I grabbed the six remaining boxes and the box that they cam in and hauled my bounty to the cash register. Read the rest of this entry »