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(ICED) ENrG Frozen Bar Energy Supplement

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While Halloween would seem like the ideal time to write about some discounted candy or some weird chocolate we recently found, sadly I’ll have to disappoint you this year. Admittedly, all chocolate products in this household are generally consumed within mere hours of its arrival here and the only candy I have is some mint gum (trick-or-treaters, you’ve been warned. Thankfully it’s not feasible to egg just one apartment door).

In the meantime, I picked up this frozen bar last week and spent sometime researching it. This is a bad habit from my college days, with just a dash of obsessive-compulsiveness mixed in. Who made this product? Why is it only 30 cents? Who in the world thought an energy popsicle ice pop (Popsicle is a brand name) was a good idea? I could probably make it as an investigative journalist, but I’m afraid I’m much too non-confrontational and timid to do anything like that. Read the rest of this entry »

Smucker’s Plate Scapers

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As a child, I astounded friends and family with my imaginative yet structurally sound architectural mealtime creations. From gothic carrot cathedrals with bratwurst buttresses to Frank Gehry-inspired Jell-O bricks, I almost won the award for masterpiece for “Most Creative Blob” but it was upsettingly passed over for the Experience Music Project building. Nowadays I keep my building talents to myself, especially in polite company who may not appreciate my natural gift, though I long for the days when I can bust out my spoon and craft the next edible Washington Monument or Cascades mountain range (Richard Dreyfuss ain’t got nothin’ on me).

Sadly, as I grow older, my inherent eye for spotting building materials on my plate is slowly fading and my broccoli looks more and more like a vegetable instead of trees for my dinner dioramas. Pretzels are now baked salty sticks instead of sturdy pines for my little log cabins. Read the rest of this entry »

Scharffen Berger Roasted Cacao Nibs

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Chocolate now falls into the category of “things that people can be snobs about” (joining including beer, wine and Terrence Malick films). While some might enjoy a fine aged 2010 Indonesian truffle-caviar infused truffle, I admit to “indulging” with a block of unsweetened baking chocolate or an unusually waxy Palmer chocolate peanut balls around Halloween and/or Easter. Different strokes for different folks, right?

On the heels of the recently vague news that “chocolate is healthy“, most likely more people have been justifying their chocoholism with a daily dose of Hershey’s or Nestle’s. No joke, as I was typing this, the radio announced another study regarding women eating chocolate and reducing stroke. But telling women to eat chocolate feels like telling them to read Twilight. Today we go to the source of everyone’s favorite addiction. Read the rest of this entry »

Bake With Me! (Sorry, Not the Latest Stoner Comedy)

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There’s no better way to kill time relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon than baking your own sugar cookies. What’s even better is when the mix is all made up for you and you only have to add an egg (or if you prefer, an egg substitute) and some butter. While I’ve glanced over many boxed sugar cookies mixes in the past, this one caught my eye because it includes a cookie cutter. And not just any cookie cutter. It’s a duck.

Oh, plus the mix is organic and has whole wheat and stuff so you won’t feel as guilty as you bite the heads off your newly baked duck cookies. Read the rest of this entry »

Jelly Belly Watermelon Pudding Snacks

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I would wager to guess that if you took an informal poll about universally disliked flavors, watermelon would rank quite high (but most likely preceded by that banana Runts flavor everyone loves to hate). If you didn’t have your fake watermelon fix with regular old Jelly Bellies, you’re in luck my friend. Say hello to Jelly Belly Watermelon Pudding Snacks. Apparently Jelly Belly has been creating all sorts of spin-offs from flavors from candles (yes, that’s candles, not candies) to soda. Ronald Reagan would be proud.

Speaking of Ronald Reagan, if you’ve never been to the official Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA I would highly recommend it. Though I didn’t get to go on the tour because the place was closing for the day, I got to take a look around and spend frivolously on all the jelly beans I wanted to buy (plus they give free samples). Read the rest of this entry »