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I Jerk It Out with Another New Energy Drink

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First and foremost – no, I have not reached unsavory new levels of things I’m doing to attract readership (we’re also not giving any free iPods). Though hey, if you’re already here, why not stick around?

Jerk Energy Soda is just another foray into the over-saturated and over-caffeinated energy drink market. While there’s a new energy drink born every minute, this one piqued my interest pretty much solely for the name alone. Plus it’s got some 80s era retro gaming style graphics so I figured the 50 cents price tag was reasonable. Also I get to say the phrase “Jerk Juice”. Heh…jerk juice. Read the rest of this entry »

Venom Energy Mojave Rattler

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 Everyone can blame me for this post being so late since it was supposed to go up on Wednesday morning. Coincidentally, it’s going up this morning because I didn’t have enough energy to write it the past few nights, thanks to my 4am wake up time. So despite going to bed at 7 pm the past few nights, I’m up bright and early today and armed with some caffeine (this time in the form of black coffee) to provide some fuel for this post.

Energy drinks are a dime a dozen these days. Well, more  like $8 for a dozen, depending on the current market. I’m not too picky about energy drinks, as long as these don’t taste like raw chemicals or toxic waste. I usually prefer my stimulants covered by a light fruit taste and/or fruity color as well. Keeping this in mind, it’s no wonder my current favorite is Rockstar Pink, which, last time I bought it, even came with a little bendy straw like a juice box. Awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

Diet Power Bean Sparkling Coffee

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Coffee and carbonation seems like it would be a fantastic product mash-up idea (much like chocolate & bubble gum or coffee & beer). I had seen Diet Power Bean Sparkling Coffee at several of the Grocery Outlets in our area (perhaps that should have been a warning sign) and figured I would end up trying it anyway. Since it was so cheap (99 cents for a 4 pack), I picked some up a couple months ago.

Other companies, such as Pepsi & Coca-Cola, have experimented with adding coffee flavor to their fizzy beverages with less than stellar results (Remember Pepsi Kona & Coca-Cola BlaK?) I tried the latter when it initially debuted, but I wasn’t impressed with the flavor or the price (I’m know gonna get flak for dissin’ on the BlaK). Keep in mind, those were cola + coffee drinks and this is a “sparkling coffee beverage”. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Girl GLO Energy Drink

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I don’t mean to brag, but I feel like I was blessed with pretty good skin (that is, depending on your definition of good skin). I’m quite pale but I’ll blame that on our Washington state weather. I can get away with washing my face with soap, but it dries my skin something fierce. So when a product like Go Girl GLO Energy Drink comes along, promising not only energy, better skin AND a suppressed appetite, how could I lose?

I’m always wary (but not as skeptical as my crazy co-writer, as you’ll see in a bit) about products with added nutrients and supplements that claim to have health benefits. Personally, I’ll just take something that tastes good and if it’s good for me as well, win-win. Read the rest of this entry »

Yangban Cabbage Kimchi

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yangban cabbage kimchi

I’m a pretty big fan of kimchi. Despite its bad rap from odor, I find it refreshing and tasty, especially partnered with some good Korean food. Also, good a source of probiotics (those things also found in yogurt you always hear Jamie Lee Curtis talking about that help you if you’re “feeling irregular”).

I have never seen a canned kimchi. Glass jar yes, but no can. The can showed me brightly colored photos and promising text, but no guarantees of what was inside. After reading the list of ingredients, images of delicious kimchi filled my mind. Leeks! Onions! Cabbage! It was not meant to be, however.

Sadly, the prospect of eating canned kimchi was not as exciting as I had hoped. Opening the can revealed a packed mass of monotonously colored cabbage mass. The cabbage was pretty mushy instead of nice and crispy though it had a good amount of spiciness. This is the kind of kimchi you eat when you’re holed up in your fallout shelter during the apocalypse and it’s the only thing you’ve got. Excuse me while I get my lead vest.