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Chorizo Chipotle Corn Nuts

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The latter half of this decade seems to be the era of the Chipotle (I wish I was born in the year of the chipotle, I got stuck with a dragon). Chipotle burger, chipotle potato chips, chipotle snack wraps, the list goes on. I bet the average person wouldn’t even know that a “chipotle” is not a distinct variety of pepper, it is simply a smoked jalapeño.

A quick trip to the Corn Nuts official website confirmed that the Chorizo Chipotle flavor is no longer listed, but currently there’s other South of the Border-style flavors “Caliente” and “Chili Picante” (aren’t those kind of the same thing?)

I vividly remember frequently buying 1.7 oz bags (75 cents each!) of Corn Nuts in middle school and eating them right before class started. Unfortunately, I leaned toward the most aromatic flavor, BBQ. I recall one of my classmates looking around and exclaiming, “Ugh, what smells like BARBEQUE?” and then awkwardly trying to hide the bag under my desk. Read the rest of this entry »