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Too Tarts Melted Ice Cream Spray Candy

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Kids these days have a lot to watch out for. Drinking, drugs, gangs, junk food, Rebecca Black music videos. So I can applaud a company that wants to create a delicious, sugar-free alternative to the normal Snickers and Skittles candy fare in the attempts to curb the childhood obesity epidemic. Innovative Candy Concepts, makers of Too Tarts Melted Ice Cream Spray Candy, had the right idea when they wanted to create a sugar-free spray candy but I’m don’t think it’s the best execution. In the 2007 press release announcing the product, the ICC president and CEO states, “Ice cream just seems to taste better when it’s melted”. I respectfully have to disagree. If melted ice cream were better than its naturally frozen form, they’re be tubs and tubes of melted ice cream sloshing on grocery store shelves. I’m also kind of iffy on the concept of spraying a Splenda sweetened, syrupy liquid into my mouth and calling it “candy”, just like I’m hesitant about pepper spray blasting into my eyes and calling it “caliente eye drops”. Read the rest of this entry »

Cheesy Crunchy Cheddar BBQ Cheetos

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One of America’s cultural icons seems to be going to be going through a mid-life crisis. Rising to fame in the mid-80s, they’ve gone through several transformations that have shocked the public. In more recent years, they’ve been trying to spice things up and have been recently spotted using a fake British accent. No, I’m not talking about the Material Girl, it’s your good ol’ friend Chester Cheetah. The skinny mischievous cartoon character of your childhood has now been re-imagined as a suave, CGI cat not just pushing Cheetos, but prompting an “Orange Revolution”, coaxing Cheeto consumers everywhere to ruin clothing with their fluorescent orange cheese dusted fingers. Read the rest of this entry »

GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce

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The phrase gogo has all but faded out of the English lexicon. Gone are the good ol’ days of things like go-go boots and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go“. Thankfully, GoGo SqueeZ has come to the rescue to liven up our language in addition to providing applesauce that comes in a pouch so you don’t need a spoon.

I used to take applesauce in my lunches all the time, from elementary school up through college. I always forgot a spoon so I had to regretfully use the foil lid as a poor substitute, in turn, usually cutting up the sides of my mouth and making people even more uncomfortable in my presence. GoGo SqueeZ would have been godsend back then, both for my poor mouth as well as my social life.

Gogo Squeez is technically meant for children, but those among us with little hands can appreciate it too. Plus, there’s no additional sugar added because that’s the last thing that most kids need these days. It’s pretty tasty – it seems more “pureed” than regular applesauce. If I happen to break my jaw someday, I’ll be set. Read the rest of this entry »