Venom Energy Mojave Rattler

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 Everyone can blame me for this post being so late since it was supposed to go up on Wednesday morning. Coincidentally, it’s going up this morning because I didn’t have enough energy to write it the past few nights, thanks to my 4am wake up time. So despite going to bed at 7 pm the past few nights, I’m up bright and early today and armed with some caffeine (this time in the form of black coffee) to provide some fuel for this post.

Energy drinks are a dime a dozen these days. Well, more  like $8 for a dozen, depending on the current market. I’m not too picky about energy drinks, as long as these don’t taste like raw chemicals or toxic waste. I usually prefer my stimulants covered by a light fruit taste and/or fruity color as well. Keeping this in mind, it’s no wonder my current favorite is Rockstar Pink, which, last time I bought it, even came with a little bendy straw like a juice box. Awesome.

The taste is pretty generic. Somewhat sweet, not too offensive. When I poured it into a glass, I was a tad disappointed as well that it wasn’t colored a festive Kool-Aid grape-like purple. However, there’s really nothing that would make it stand out against other energy drinks besides the price I paid and the fact that it’s sugar-free, though it seems most energy drinks are these days. All told, it’s a decent tasting energy drink that I got at a decent price, so I would have no qualms about picking up a four pack again.

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