Bake With Me! (Sorry, Not the Latest Stoner Comedy)

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There’s no better way to kill time relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon than baking your own sugar cookies. What’s even better is when the mix is all made up for you and you only have to add an egg (or if you prefer, an egg substitute) and some butter. While I’ve glanced over many boxed sugar cookies mixes in the past, this one caught my eye because it includes a cookie cutter. And not just any cookie cutter. It’s a duck.

Oh, plus the mix is organic and has whole wheat and stuff so you won’t feel as guilty as you bite the heads off your newly baked duck cookies.

I’ve included some of the instructions from the back of the box below for your enjoyment:

“Let’s make sugar cookies! and Create Fun Duck Shaped Cookies!”

  1. “Let’s preheat the oven so the cookies bake properly and butter the pan so they won’t get stuck! Preheat oven to 350? F. Have your child lightly butter an 11×15 cookie sheet using some melted butter & pastry brush.” (We used a Silpat cause that’s how we roll).
  2. “We mix the ingredients according to the directions so that we can make the cookie dough taste yummy. Let your child (in this case, me) beat the eggs & melted butter in a large bowl. Add the Cookie Mix. Mix with an electric mixer on low until a soft dough forms. Knead the dough slightly to form a small ball. Use immediately or chill for up to 24 hours.” (I used some of that pasteurized egg product courtesy of Costco so we got to eat all the uncooked dough we wanted. We probably would have eaten the raw dough with a real egg anyway).
  3. “Isn’t it exciting to roll out the dough and cut it with our new cookie cutter?” (Actually it was a pain in the ass to remove all the dough scraps from around the duck shapes I cut out. Additionally, I used regular evil corporation flour to roll out the dough instead of the Arrowhead Mills Organic Pastry Flour the box instructed. Our cookies were corrupted from the start.)
  4. “These fresh baked cookies taste delicious! I love spending time making fun desserts with you!”

There was also a little booklet including some “games” (maze and coloring page) and an offer for a free apron if we sent in a bunch of UPCs and shipping costs. Sadly, I had to decline.

Enjoy the following photos documenting the process.

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