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While I love pre-portioned, restrictively sized desserts as much as the next weight obsessed young woman, I had my doubts when I first saw this product. Even though I’ve never tried the “regular” size of Betty Crocker’s Warm Delights (aka adult version of an Easy Bake oven treat), these were really cheap. However, I was hesitant about the actual quality of a microwavable brownie (due to good measure – I’m looking at you nasty internet MUG BROWNIE recipe).

(FYI: I referenced this product in our previous review about a product called “True Delights” so forgive me if I use the names interchangeably since they’re so similar.)

Unbeknownst to me, I thought these things came premixed and all ready to go, but sadly no. You open up the sealed plastic bowl and it gives you some little packets of ingredients: a dry chocolately powder to mix with water and a “frosting” packet to top the mess with. If anything, this process reminded me more of prepping instant ramen as a kid than making a scrumptious pan of brownies.

I find the suggestions on the box are a bit deceiving as well. While the back of the box advised that “Your special moment is just minutes away” (that’s what she said), I found that this took way longer for us to prep, but that could have just been us fumbling around the kitchen to find measurements spoons so we could proportion the “1 tbsp + 1 tsp” of water needed to add to the mixture.

Actor’s reenactment of me enjoying product. Hooded sweatshirt and unbrushed hair not shown.

Betty was also very helpful in letting us know that if you’re cooking (ahem, microwaving) two of these mini Warm Delights that you can bump the time up to 45 seconds. Nice try, Betty, but if I know my microwavable, low calorie dessert products that are intended to create a “special moment”, the serving’s always gonna be for one. Most likely, one depressed single woman eating one Warm Delight and questioning her life choices as she watches Love Actually for the fifth time (a purely hypothetical situation, I assure you). Good news is they’re only 150 calories a pop so any crying may just burn off those calories!

While these aren’t these aren’t the worst microwaved dessert I’d had (though I can’t say I’ve had many), the process to make them and the actual flavor isn’t really worth the time and effort. The end result is a vaguely cocoa, gooey concoction (thanks to the “frosting” packet included with the mix). If you’re like me, this isn’t going to really satisfy a chocolate craving in the way that an actual, honest to God piece of chocolate would. Plus then there’s no microwaving required.

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