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Apparently, limey Jamie Oliver isn’t the only one promoting a food revolution with America’s kids. While Revolution Foods (the makers of Jammy Sammies) isn’t doing crazy stuff like pouring sand into school buses and naming children stupid things like “Petal Blossom” and “Buddy Bear”, they are aiming to provide snacks school lunches to kids that are a bit more nutritious than pizza and Little Debbie snack cakes (no offense, Debbie).

While they’re more like a Nutrigrain bar that an actual sandwich, Organic Jammy Sammy snack size sandwich bars are everything a Whole Foods shoppin’ mom would want for their kid: organic, no trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, whole grain, wheat free and colored with things like “red cabbage extract”. 

Revolution Foods even has marketed this snack to the pickiest of kids. In addition to all the fancy-schmancy non-artificial ingredients (things like “red cabbage extract” instead of the standard coloring), they were even mindful enough to cut off the crusts, lest any child complain. The problem is so serious, we’ve developed entire product line to combat the issue.

As someone who grew up eating the aforementioned Nutrigrain bars, these little buggers are a fair contender. They’re square, smaller and don’t that that dreaded extra crust so there’s more fruit filling per square inch. While blueberry isn’t my favorite flavor in the world, the moist innards combined well with the oaty outside (I’d take a chance on trying the apple or strawberry ones). Since the bars use agave nectar instead of corn syrup, they’re still quite sweet. However, since they were cheap and they’re manageable enough for children’s hands (as well as mine) they’re a decent snack that’s easy to stash for snack time and won’t make you feel too terribly guilty when you eat it either.

Fits perfectly in my small childlike hands.

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