Fever-Tree Naturally Light Indian Tonic Water

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I’ll make this clear (no pun intended) – I’ve never liked tonic water. I enjoy fizzy things like club soda, but I dislike the bitterness of tonic’s quinine and even with the addition of sweetener, it really doesn’t appeal to me. I also remember bad experiences growing up of being maimed (okay, mildly scratched) by prickly juniper bushes while doing yard work, so anything juniper-related leaves a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended).

However, I can appreciate the sleek metallic bottle label design and the fact that it came all the way from the United Kingdom. The website also mentions that Fever-Tree is “already served in 7 out of the top 10 restaurants in the world” so we’re feeling pretty classy knowing I got these at about 37 cents per bottle.

The label and cap also feature Fever-Tree’s tree logo. If I were more of a hipster, I’d totally get a tattoo of it with some Death Cab for Cutie lyrics or something. Plus, tonic water glows under black light because of the quinine, so I could have a hip party with glowing cocktails, alt. rock and serve ironic hors d’oeuvres like McNuggets.

I did drink a small glass of their tonic water for testing purposes and while it’s definitely preferable over the mass-produced brands, but I don’t foresee myself consuming a large amount in the future (that applies to any tonic water though). I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for Fever-Tree’s other bottled products like Lemonade or Ginger Beer.

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