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Brown & Haley Factory Outlet in Fife

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If you’re a Washington State South Sound resident, I’m sure you’re probably aware of Brown & Haley. You’ve probably sampled some of their products, ranging from good ol’ toothcracking Almond Roca to blob-like Mountain Bars and seen their plant peeking out from underneath I-705. While I’ve been to the outlet store located right at the factory a handful of times (and picked up things like tasty Milk Toffee Roca Buttercrunch Thins) this time I ventured out to Fife, just a few miles down the highway where Brown & Haley just opened a new warehouse outlet in August (and where the headquarters is also now based).

I was pied piper by a highway billboard noting that the outlet was somewhere on 20th Street. Headlined by a giant ALMOND ROCA sign, it’s on the same road that features several warehouses and car dealerships. My GPS couldn’t find it so I cruised down the road (subsequently avoiding 4pm rush hour traffic going south). Trying to avoid dropping by for no reason at all and most likely purchasing 30 lbs. of Almond Roca for myself to eat alone in the apartment, I remembered that it was a relative’s birthday coming up. Yes! I had a valid reason to be at a discount candy store with $5 burning a hole in my pocket. Read the rest of this entry »

Roca Buttercrunch Thins: Milk Toffee

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I am blessed (or in regard to my waistline, cursed) to be located about fifteen minutes away from Brown & Haley Candy Company, maker of this product, Almond Roca, Mountain Bars and a variety of other confections they make. Keep in mind, where there’s a candy factory, there’s thousands of pieces of candy that don’t quite measure up to quality assurances tests (either misshaped, miswrapped and what have you). Enter the Brown & Haley Outlet store.

We picked up a box of Roca Thins for 99 cents at the store, which is located right outside the factory. They have a variety of deeply discounted goods like: 2 lbs of the seasonal Candy Cane Roca for 99 cents, Cappuccino and Mint (respectively) Mountain Bars for 10 cents or a bag of Macadamia Roca for 50 cents. My arteries are groaning, but my wallet is happy. Read the rest of this entry »