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Big Island Candies Corn Chip Crunch Bar

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Big-Island-Candies-Chocolate-Covered-Bars-Corn-Chip-Crunch01Even though Hawaii is the 13th best travel destination in the world according to “” (which apparently has such an eye for travel that they ranked Orlando, Florida number on the list), I’ve never been there, partly due to the fact that I am a shut-in whose alabaster skin crisps like bacon at even the faintest hint of sunlight. Nevertheless, as a food adventurer, I’m always looking to broaden my culinary horizons and venture across the Pacific to my neighbors in the west.

I started where any typical American tourist would go: The FAQ page of the Hawaii Tourism Authority website. Read the rest of this entry »

Yogi Chips (Transcendental Meditation Not Included)

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I’m sure you vaguely remember your mid-life Eastern Mysticism phase – escaping away to India, searching for the meaning of life, plucking away at a sitar, hanging out with your band mates – good times. Unfortunately, gone are the days of gurus and ashrams, and we’re now stuck with Google and Apple, but you still need a snack that will help you find the inner light.

But I digress – I’m playing one trick pony with the name “yogi” when in fact, these chips are made by a brand called Wai Lana and feature a picture of a Hawaii yoga conglomerate of the same name. While her retail/personal website is quite humble (“Wai Lana is not only a beautiful and charming modern-day yoga advocate but also a highly energetic and prolific artist.”), she not only sells Yoga DVDs and Yogi Chips, but Yogi Fruit Bars and even Yogi Kids Snacks for your budding Bodhisattva.

The Yogi Chips come in several different varieties (including Barbeque, Pizza and Swiss Cheese) but we found a huge box at Grocery Outlet selling the Sour Cream & Chives variety for 3/$1. And what a deal! Read the rest of this entry »

Corn Nuts Chips: Santa Fe Ranch

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The last time I reviewed a Corn Nuts product (which was also one of our first reviews), mainly I ragged on the chipotle flavor fad and a amusing/euphemism-filled 90s era radio ad campaign (which I still find myself singing in terribly inappropriate places, like grocery stores and public transit). While ashamedly, I am a fan of Corn Nuts, we’d figure we’d try a new kind we spotted recently for 50 cents at our local Grocery Outlet.

If regular Corn Nuts weren’t hardcore enough for you (sidenote: if you thought a great way of removing loose baby teeth was the string-on-a-doorknob trick, try Corn Nuts), now you have a more mouth friendly option. They are called Corn Nuts “Chips”, but a more accurate description would be “Mini Corn Disks”. The chips are ground corn, fashioned into a little discus, a bit smaller than a dime. While the chip moniker may allude to large flat tortilla triangles that are dippable (with salsa, queso or whatever you choose) but these are just a variation on the familiar Corn Nuts we’ve come to know and love (everyone loves Corn Nuts, right…right?). Read the rest of this entry »