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Yoplait Original Cosmopolitan-Flavored Yogurt

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*The following conversation may be fictionalized for dramatic effect*

Recently, a friend asked me what what encourage me to blog more (coincidentally in the grocery store aisle). Sensing a bribe approaching, I replied:

“Make me quit my 9-to-5 overtime-eligible job and I swear to you, I will write twenty new blog posts a day, on topics I have yet to determine at this time.”

I grabbed an unsuspecting item from the dairy case, whipped my hair around in a fashion that L’Oreal (because I’m worth it) commercials would envy, and proclaimed, “This. This is the product that will rejuvenate my semi-humorous, grammatically incorrect food blogging career.”

And this, ladies and gentleman, is that product.

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Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Stuffed Melt and Soup

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Now as someone who runs a site called “Clearance Cuisine”, one would assume that I’m probably extreme couponer, but I’m actually a sucker for in-store and online contests. This also saves me from scissor-induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and aggravating grocery store cashiers on a daily basis. Not wanting to pass up a chance at winning something, I ended up playing an instant win game on the Stouffer’s Facebook page back in February, and hey, I happened to win a free frozen meal (well, a coupon for one that arrived a couple of months later).


We’re happy to let you know that you’re a winner in the STOUFFER’S Stuffed Melt and Soup Match ‘Em Up promotion! You’ve won a coupon good for a free stuffed melt and soup combo, which has an approximate retail value of $3.69. Congratulations! There’s nothing you need to do except look for your prize within 8-10 weeks.

After getting the coupon in the mail, I picked up the meal on a shopping trip with my dad to the local military commissary (hooray for dependent benefits) in March and it’s been aging nicely in the freezer since. Read the rest of this entry »

Kraft Philadelphia Pumpkin Spice Flavor

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Cream cheese and I have had what one might called a sordid relationship. It was largely ignored throughout my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood due to an irrational hatred of white creamy products that aren’t ice cream or yogurt (still applies mayonnaise and ranch dressing). I was once even told that I wasn’t a “real white woman” because apparently all white women LOVE cream cheese. If Kraft had anything to say about it, I would have expected cream cheese evangelists beating down my door asking why I had rejected their creamy god. Read the rest of this entry »

WisPride Lite Port Wine Spreadable Cheese

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, meaning it’s a chance for all guys in relationships to redeem themselves for every thing they’ve screwed up so far. Chocolates will be flying off the shelves, roses plucked from grocery store floral displays, but no Valentine’s Day would be complete without that special romantic meal.

But who has time to prepare a homemade gourmet dinner these days? Lots of couples will just go out to eat or pop something into the microwave, but why not go all out? WisPride Lite Port Wine Cheese provides the luxury of a snobby wine & cheese experience (the ingredients list assures me that the cheddar cheese has been “aged over 9 months”) with the portability & convenience of a plastic tub. Spread some on a cracker of your choice (perhaps something fancier than a saltine) and seductively hand-feed some to your significant other in front of a roaring fireplace (Duralogs will do) whilst laying on a (faux) bear fur rug. Read the rest of this entry »

PLOMBO Ice Cream Cups

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PLOM·BO [plahm-boh]
– noun

1. Ice cream product manufactured in Daugavpils Latvia, a Baltic country and former USSR republic. Available in five different flavors: (vanilla cream with chocolate chunks in waffle cup, vanilla cream with walnuts and caramel in waffle cup, vanilla cream in waffle cup, chocolate cream in waffle cup, vanilla cream with raisins in waffle cup)

2. Uncle character on popular family sitcom, frequently seen wearing wifebeater, boxer shorts and a look of confusion. Constantly causing general mayhem and wackiness.

Uncle Plombo relieves himself in a Ming Dynasty era vase.
Mom and Dad in unison: “Oh that Uncle Plombo!”

3. Slang (verb): Taught a lesson (the hard way), to lose humiliatingly.

In response to a friend losing at an online MMMORG: “YOU JUST GOT PLOMBO’D!” Read the rest of this entry »