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Tepache Frumex Original Pineapple Cider

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In my forays into international grocery aisles, I’m constantly finding more and more fermented food and drinks we haven’t tried like canned kimchi, kombucha, and kvass (keep an eye out for a future review on that one). On one of my last visits to the Lakewood Saar’s (probably the same trip I bought the Frutiking), I spotted a bottle of tepache, below the familiar Jarritos, Mineraga and sangria. What’s tepache you say? Well I’m glad you asked, because I put way too much time on these posts doing background research on what the products we eat and drinks actually are.

Thank goodness for Wikipedia! It’s not just useful for college papers!

Tepache is “a drink made out of the flesh and rind of the pineapple, sweetened with brown sugar and cinnamon and sometimes beer. Tepache does not have a high quantity of alcohol, since it is left to ferment for only about three days. The alcohol comes mostly from the addition of a small amount of beer, the most common way of serving it in Mexico. It is a drink better served cold with dry chili powder to give it a spicy taste. Tepache is commonly made by inmates in Mexican prison, because the process of creating tepache is simple and quick. However, tepache can also be found in taquerias since it is a rather cheap drink. Housewives sometimes prepare tepache. In markets, you can sometimes find a vendor with an orange barrel full of ice-cold tepache.

Mmm…prison tepache. Read the rest of this entry »


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frutikingLots of showbiz families seem to have famous/not-so-famous sibling(s) such as the Baldwin brothers, Ben & Casey Affleck and my personal favorite, Ron and Clint Howard. In the food world, the infamous Burger King (now mysteriously out of the limelight/possibly booked for lewd and lascivious behavior) happens to have a lesser known Mexican cousin, who goes by the name Frutiking (who I like to imagine wears a very colorful cape and has a sceptre topped with a pineapple).

Anyway, the newest trend with food products seems to limiting serving sizes in the hopes of curbing the obesity trend in America. Who hasn’t seen 100 calorie packets of Oreos, single serving cups of ice cream (so I won’t feel guilty about eating ice cream from the tub, not that I do anyway) and now miniature cans and bottles of soda. Read the rest of this entry »

Diet Power Bean Sparkling Coffee

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Coffee and carbonation seems like it would be a fantastic product mash-up idea (much like chocolate & bubble gum or coffee & beer). I had seen Diet Power Bean Sparkling Coffee at several of the Grocery Outlets in our area (perhaps that should have been a warning sign) and figured I would end up trying it anyway. Since it was so cheap (99 cents for a 4 pack), I picked some up a couple months ago.

Other companies, such as Pepsi & Coca-Cola, have experimented with adding coffee flavor to their fizzy beverages with less than stellar results (Remember Pepsi Kona & Coca-Cola BlaK?) I tried the latter when it initially debuted, but I wasn’t impressed with the flavor or the price (I’m know gonna get flak for dissin’ on the BlaK). Keep in mind, those were cola + coffee drinks and this is a “sparkling coffee beverage”. Read the rest of this entry »

Fever-Tree Naturally Light Indian Tonic Water

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I’ll make this clear (no pun intended) – I’ve never liked tonic water. I enjoy fizzy things like club soda, but I dislike the bitterness of tonic’s quinine and even with the addition of sweetener, it really doesn’t appeal to me. I also remember bad experiences growing up of being maimed (okay, mildly scratched) by prickly juniper bushes while doing yard work, so anything juniper-related leaves a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended).

However, I can appreciate the sleek metallic bottle label design and the fact that it came all the way from the United Kingdom. The website also mentions that Fever-Tree is “already served in 7 out of the top 10 restaurants in the world” so we’re feeling pretty classy knowing I got these at about 37 cents per bottle. Read the rest of this entry »

Ranchero/Cacique Pork Chorizo

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How often do you see a product on grocery shelves that contains ingredients like salivary glands, cheek and lymph nodes AND actually admits it on the packaging (I’m looks at you, McDonald’s and Taco Bell)? Finally we’ve got some honest food labeling, brought to us in the form of pork chorizo. If you’re not familiar with the concept of chorizo, it’s a ground pork (sometimes beef) sausage combined with spices and sold raw in a tube. Disclaimer: I’ve only had chorizo once before, and it was hippy-dippy Trader Joe’s soy chorizo, so I really don’t have a “refined palate” (though that’s kind of a given) when it comes to this product. I don’t even know if I prepared it correctly. My internal organs are still functioning somewhat normally, so I’ll assume so.

I stood in front of the foreign refrigerated section in Saar’s Marketplace trying to figure out the difference between Cacique and Ranchero brand chorizo (and deciding between beef and pork). I ended up picking the Ranchero brand since it had a soccer ball on the wrapper (turns out they’re a “proud sponsor of the Mexican National Soccer team”). Olé! Read the rest of this entry »