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Jelly Belly Watermelon Pudding Snacks

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I would wager to guess that if you took an informal poll about universally disliked flavors, watermelon would rank quite high (but most likely preceded by that banana Runts flavor everyone loves to hate). If you didn’t have your fake watermelon fix with regular old Jelly Bellies, you’re in luck my friend. Say hello to Jelly Belly Watermelon Pudding Snacks. Apparently Jelly Belly has been creating all sorts of spin-offs from flavors from candles (yes, that’s candles, not candies) to soda. Ronald Reagan would be proud.

Speaking of Ronald Reagan, if you’ve never been to the official Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA I would highly recommend it. Though I didn’t get to go on the tour because the place was closing for the day, I got to take a look around and spend frivolously on all the jelly beans I wanted to buy (plus they give free samples). Read the rest of this entry »