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Biscoff Spread

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America is all about recreating food into the most easily eatable forms. May I draw your attention to Easy Cheese, Wrigley’s Extra Dessert Delights Gum and of course, KFC’s Double Down. However, the product I’ll be reviewing this weekend is a little red-lidded jar that comes to us all the way from Belgium. Spoiler Alert: This, my friends, is creamy sugary delicious in spread form (no offense Nutella). This is Biscoff Cookie Spread.

As many products that originate in foreign lands, I was initially unaware of what Biscoff actually was before purchasing this product. They’re a small cookie that features sweet blend of cinnamon and caramel flavor that are great with coffee and let you sip and extend your pinky in proper sipping fashion. Now take that a step further: this spread is literally pulverized cookies in spreadable form so you can forget about even using those jaw muscles you have and the arduous task of eating cookies one bite at a time. The label/jar even suggest the truly outrageous idea of dipping a Biscoff cookie into Biscoff spread for a Biscoff explosion of flavor. Read the rest of this entry »

Somersaults Sunflower Seed Snacks

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The road to snack foods is paved with all sorts of things – oils, fats, salt, nuts and the ever popular bleached enriched flour. While my usual bachelor-style snack of choice is an uncooked ramen block, rather than choosing the epitome of unhealthy this time around, I picked up some bags of sunflower seed snacks made by the Somersault Snack Co.

They’re made with whole wheat flour (so they’re not gluten-free), they’re mainly composed of sunflower and sesame seeds so they are nut-free and well as vegan.

Previous people that tried these have had widely varying opinions: crunchy, moist, sweet, salty, nutty, dry, bland. They were even jokingly described as “rabbit food” (Pro-tip: a little internet research tells me that rabbits shouldn’t eat grains, but sunflower seeds can be a rare treat.) Read the rest of this entry »