WisPride Lite Port Wine Spreadable Cheese

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, meaning it’s a chance for all guys in relationships to redeem themselves for every thing they’ve screwed up so far. Chocolates will be flying off the shelves, roses plucked from grocery store floral displays, but no Valentine’s Day would be complete without that special romantic meal.

But who has time to prepare a homemade gourmet dinner these days? Lots of couples will just go out to eat or pop something into the microwave, but why not go all out? WisPride Lite Port Wine Cheese provides the luxury of a snobby wine & cheese experience (the ingredients list assures me that the cheddar cheese has been “aged over 9 months”) with the portability & convenience of a plastic tub. Spread some on a cracker of your choice (perhaps something fancier than a saltine) and seductively hand-feed some to your significant other in front of a roaring fireplace (Duralogs will do) whilst laying on a (faux) bear fur rug.

But wait, there’s more! WisPride only has 70 calories per 2 tablespoons (thanks in part to the whey protein/fat substitute Simplesse®), so rest assured ladies, it won’t go straight to your thighs. Sadly, I can’t really get past the unnatural failed goldenrod-maroon tie-dye coloring of the product. I had hoped the coloring came from the port wine instead of carmine, blue 2 and red 40. I really didn’t care for the taste. At first bite, it’s a standard cheddar cheese based spread but then the twinge and sugar of the port wine settles in. It also kind of felt like modeling clay in my mouth. I think I’ll stick my my snooty $5 per gram cheese.

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